Bob Lane

Senate District 31

"Change the Right Things"

Hi, I am Bob Lane and I am your candidate for the Colorado Senate District 31 Seat. I am a Colorado native and I previously ran for this seat in 2008 when it had different boundaries and was numbered district 35.

Little has changed with our fiscal situation. Out of 50 states Colorado is still ranked with a AA credit rating by S+P making us Number 30. This means that 29 state governments are being better managed on a fiscal basis than we are! I believe that our elected officials and processes are not getting the job done. That is why I am running and offering my business skills and experience to you as a citizen volunteer. I have declared myself as a “standalone” candidate accepting voluntary spending limits. This means that I am self funding my campaign as a community service to you. I won’t be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to win this seat as my opponents will. I can only win for you with your help!

My opponents won’t be spending their own money. They will be receiving contributions from all of the big moneyed interests who expect favors from them in return if they are elected. These interests are effectively buying control over your life. This is the real case of the 1% taking advantage of the other 99%! It is not about political party either. If you analyze past campaign funding reports you will see that the same organizations fund both Democrat and Republican candidates depending upon the voter demographics in each legislative district. In districts with more Democrats they fund the Democrat candidates and in districts with more Republicans they back the Republican candidates. My opponent in the 2008 election raised in the neighborhood of $380,000 to win a seat that only paid a salary of $25,000 a year for four years on a part-time basis. This is dirty business and it needs to change!

Colorado is locked in an economic war with the rest of the nation and the world to win business investment with its corresponding job creation and wealth creation. I have created a platform of “Right Changes” that represent the legislative initiatives that I will promote if you elect me. This platform is my promise to you the individual citizen. If I am able to actually achieve some or all of these initiatives our state will start to move back in the right direction. These changes impact both our individual and family prosperity by creating massive job growth potential, as well as, bringing the state to a better fiscal and social accountability.

Please stand up with me and help me to: “Change the Right Things!”


Bob Lane

Bob Lane

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